Junior Tidy Towns

School Workshops

This project is part of our Junior Tidy Towns initiative. We work with local schools to promote protecting the environment. We hold workshops in the schools and community centre for children of all ages. We teach about planting flowers and trees to promote biodiversity. The children get to plant their own flowers and learn how to care for them and in some cases how to propagate them. 

We also take them litter picking and they learn about the impact different products have on the environment.

One of our larger projects with the children this year has been creating a mural about biodiversity.

Children were invited to draw pictures and write slogans promoting biodiversity. There was a tremendous response from the schools and a competition decided the winning pictures. We have been working with a local artist and a final mural design is almost decided. The mural will be in a local avenue which is a busy thoroughfare in Togher and an area for nature walks for schools.

We believe the workshops will have a lasting impact on the children, as they are extremely engaged in the activities and therefore our community as well as the environment will benefit greatly in the future.

With over 700 hundred children in our local primary schools, any funds received for this project will go towards holding more workshops, purchasing more tools, gloves, litter pickers and planting more trees and biodiversity friendly plants with the children. We also hope to install bee houses and bug hotels which the older children can design and monitor the activity of.